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Reduce Waste Costs - Yearly Waste Audits

Panda Environmental has provided waste removal services to customers across Southern Ontario since 1997. Our expertise with the laws surrounding waste management allows for us to detect areas in need of improvement. Over 50% of waste can typically be diverted from a landfill into recycling and organic disposal solutions. This diversion will has potential a business' waste removal costs.

What is a Waste Audit?

Panda's waste audits conform with Ontario regulations 102/94 & 103/94. Our waste audit solution works with clients in order to obtain an accurate snapshot of the different types and amounts of waste created in several different categories (standard waste, recycling, organic waste, etc.). This information is then analyzed and Panda will then provide suggestions ways to improve your waste handling methods as well as ways to try to reduce waste removal costs. The waste audit can vary in length depending on the detail level required and customer request. Most audits can be completed in a short amount of time.

How Does a Waste Audit Save My Business Money?

The primary cost of waste removal is the cost of taking waste to the landfill. The landfill will charge a set cost per kilogram or per tonne. This rate is high enough that taking waste to a landfill regularly can quickly add up in terms of cost. Recycling waste through traditional recycling methods or organic waste composting can mean that less waste is being sent to the landfill, and as such is not being charged at the landfill waste removal price.