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Provincial Waste Removal Laws in Ontario

The Ontario government has specific rules and regulations set up to govern how businesses dispose of their waste and recycling. If ignored, a business can experience large fines from the provincial government, and may even lose their ability to do business. It is important that every business is familiar with, and follows all of the laws related to waste disposal in Ontario. Panda Environmental offers waste removal services throughout Southern Ontario, and is able to provide consulting services for businesses on municipal, provincial and federal waste removal regulations.

Provincial Laws and Regulations

There are several key laws in Ontario related to waste and recycling. These laws include:

1. Environmental Protection Act (EPA) - "The purpose of this Act is to provide for the protection and conservation of the natural environment."

a. O. Reg. 101/07

b. O. Reg. 102/94
c. O. Reg. 103/94
d. O. Reg. 104
e. R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 347

2. The Waste Diversion Act - "The purpose of this Act is to promote the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste and to provide for the development, implementation and operation of waste diversion programs."
3. The Environmental Assessment Act - "The purpose of this Act is the betterment of the people of the whole or any part of Ontario by providing for the protection, conservation and wise management in Ontario of the environment."
4. The Planning Act - "To promote sustainable economic development in a healthy natural environment within the policy and by the means provided under this Act."

For more information visit the Ontario e-Laws page.

How Can Panda Help?

Panda offers a full range of waste removal and recycling services, including hazardous waste removal. We also offer waste consulting services and waste audits, which a business can use to better gauge their true waste removal needs. With this information businesses can make adjustments to improve efficiency and reduce cost. Panda is highly knowledgable on all of the rules and regulations surrounding waste removal in Ontario, and can help to make sure that your business follows all of the required laws.