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Waste Consulting Resources:

Wanting to provide our clients with the best overall service means we often consult on many aspects of your process and facility. To better serve our clients, we offer services in the following areas:


  • Waste Stream Consultation – this provides you with more in depth knowledge about the true wastes you are creating. We collect samples of all waste streams, send them in for independent testing and provide a comprehensive, and proven listing of wastes classes for your facility.
  • Yearly Waste Audits – conforming with Regulations 102/94 & 103/94. Panda works with clients to obtain a snap shot of the wastes being collected in their general waste collection program, to identify areas of improvement within the collection process, show possible streams that can be diverted from landfill and provide suggestions of areas that can save you money.?
  • Quarterly Reports – each quarter, Panda can provide a look at the total volume, type of waste, and current costs of removal of all wastes streams removed by Panda. Due to many clients undergoing the ISO 14001, QS9000 and other like industry certification, this has proven an invaluable tool to many. Arrangements can be made to complete this for all waste streams on premises, should Panda not be your chosen waste removal company.
  • NPRI Tracking information – Currently, for select clients, Panda provides NPRI tracking information of the waste streams removed. This is not a complete report for NPRI, but is a welcomed piece of the puzzle.