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Panda Environmental seeks to offer the best support and customer experience possible to all of our clients across Southern Ontario. Below you will find relevant information for learning more about the services that Panda offers, as well as the contact information for various staff members. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ section for questions we get asked frequently, as well as some that never get asked but should. Click here for our FAQ.

Staff Training

As an added client benefit, Panda offers select training programs such as Transport of Dangerous Goods, Regulation 347 Compliance, and HWIN Registration.  These sessions are tailored to each audience, recognizing the differences in each business, and the duties of each attendant.

Click here for more information on our staff training services.

Staff Directory

Have other questions? The following is our limited staff directory:

Brent McKee -- Waste and Recycling, Front End and Roll Off Sales

Cell: 519-731-2014
Office: 877-745-4140 ext 6

Fax: 519-745-2916

Pam MacCollum -- Training-Hazardous Waste Sales

Cell: 519-241-2100
Office: 877-745-4140 ext 5
Fax: 519-745-2916


David Hunter -- Process Facility Plant Manager

Cell: 519-722-3515
Office: 877-745-4140 ext 7
Fax: 519-622-6256


Albert Leferink--Hazardous Waste Manager

Cell: 519-222-5777
Fax: 519-745-2916

Jamie Anderson--Operations Manager

Cell: 519-722-2013
Fax: 519-745-2916

Annette Rossel--Accounting Controller

Office: 877-745-4140 ext 4
Fax: 519-745-2916


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