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Panda's Organic Recycling Program Services Include: 

Restaurants, Offices, Commercial and Industrial Businesses

Reducing your businesses waste should not be difficult or time consuming.  Panda Environmental makes it simple, clean and convenient for your group to participate in an environmental initiative every day!  Our waste collection and diversion practices are unique and cost effective and our team will come up with a program that will meet your business’s specific needs. Panda can also assist in your yearly waste audit and provide you with monthly reports on waste diversion updates.

It can take plastic products hundreds of years to decompose, which is one reason the case for recycling is so important. In comparison, food waste decomposes relatively quickly whether it is used for compost or not. So why not just throw it away? One of the largest problems with throwing your food away in the garbage other than the plastic bags the food waste is put into is once the garbage is buried in the landfill it is packed and essentially entombed into the ground. The oxygen and moisture required for the food waste to decompose is eliminated. This makes it next to impossible for the natural decomposition process to take place.

Reasons to Implement an Organic Recycling Program

1. Free Up Space in the Landfill

It is estimated that up to 50% of waste is organic in nature, depending on the industry. This waste can be composted in order to provide nutrients to plants, fields, and gardens. Sending less waste to the landfill also allows for landfills to be filled at a more responsible rate.

2. It's Clean and Simple

Contrary to what you may have heard about composting in the past, it's not complicated, dirty or smelly as is often thought. Panda's Organic program is easy to setup and maintain and is cost effective. 

3. Set an Example for Our Youth

Set an example for the next generation as they see recycling and composting become a large focus of today's businesses and corporations. By providing our youth the proper education and the tools they need to take responsibility for their waste will help with protecting our environment for generations to come.

4. Save money

The highest costs related to waste disposal come from the sheer weight of garbage sent to landfills. Reducing that amount by implementing an organic waste disposal system will have a direct impact on waste disposal costs. Less waste sent to the landfill means lower waste disposal costs, it's as simple as that. 

5. Positive Impact on our Environment 

Organic waste is meant to be able to decompose and go back to the earth in order to provide essential nutrients and fertilizer for future plants. Panda Environmental is able to fully assist in commercial composting and recycling solutions to help create a better, cleaner tomorrow by utilizing organic waste recycling and composting methods. 

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