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Panda Company History

Panda Environmental Services Inc. is a privately owned Industrial Waste Hauling Company that has been providing personalized, high-quality, value-added service to our clients in Ontario since 1997. We specialize in solid non-hazardous, hazardous and liquid waste removal, and recycling services. Our staff has the expertise to find innovative solutions to waste problems and to manage your waste and recycling in an environmentally sound manner. Panda operates under Ministry of the Environment Certificates of Approval, A841607 (Waste Management System) and 4450-6NDKTS (Process Facility).


Value Driven, Responsible Waste Management

Panda maintains a best value practice approach through ongoing partnerships between client and end facility. By liaising with both sides, Panda has provided alternative streams to divert waste from land disposal, where possible.


Full Hazardous Waste Disposal

In 2006, Panda opened our own liquid and hazardous waste processing and transfer facility in Ayr, Ontario. We are able to treat leachable toxic waste to meet the new Land Disposal Restrictions Regulations through stabilization techniques and solidification as required. Panda can also handle many “C” class wastes, and we can solidify liquid sludges and slurries in the “L” classification to be sent for final disposal in a secure landfill.


Experienced Team

Panda Environmental has an experienced team of individuals with decades of combined experience.

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Latest Technologies and Capabilities

Our networking capabilities enable us to provide a wide range of services including soil remediation, recycling, off specification destruction, asbestos remediation, and hazardous waste transport and disposal. Panda also provides waste auditing services that conform to regulation 102/94 and 103/94, consulting services and regulation knowledge to our client base. Full compliance with existing legislation assists us in protecting our clients from potential liability issues or penalties. By maintaining compliance Panda Environmental Services Inc. provides our clients with a sense of security in knowing that their waste management partner has their best interest in mind.