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Food Waste Recycling and Organic Waste Recycling

Defining Food and Organic Waste

Organic waste is traditionally broken down into the following groups:

  • Food Waste
  • Yard Debris
  • Paper

How Does Diverting Organic Waste Help a Business?

The diversion of organic waste away from landfills may only seem like a noble cause, but many businesses face the reality of having to meet a certain bottom line. In light of this restriction many companies may not think themselves capable of meeting both environmental targets and financial goals simultaneously. However, the diversion of organic waste can often reduce a business' total waste removal costs. The reason for this is that waste at the landfill is charged by weight. Lumping all of the waste categories together and sending them to the landfill means that the whole amount is charged at the same high rate when it doesn't have to be.

Businesses that seperate organic waste can often divert the majority of their waste from being sent to the landfill. Panda Environmental is able to process said waste in an environmentally friendly manner that often has a lower total cost then sending all waste to the landfill. A business also gets that added peace of mind of knowing that their waste disposal is being done in an environmentally sustainable and friendly manner.

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