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Waste Stream and Waste Class Consultation

Panda Environmental's waste stream and waste class consultation services are designed to provide a clients with an in-depth look into the true wastes that they are creating. This information is then used to create a comprehensive list of all of the waste classes created at your facility with documentation to prove their existence.

Full Waste Class Information

The primary purpose of our waste stream and waste class consulting services is to provide businesses with a comprehensive and proven list of the various waste classes present at their facility. This information can then be used to implement that proper waste management solutions that deal with each waste class appropriately. Panda's sends all samples collected in for independent testing in order to confirm our conclusions.

Other Panda Waste Removal and Consulting Services

Panda can provide the following consulting services:

  • NPRI Tracking Information
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Yearly Waste Audits

What Types of Waste Classes Can Panda Dispose Of?

Panda Environmental also offers waste removal, recycling, composting and hazardous waste disposal services in addition to our consulting services.

Our hazardous waste facility can process the following waste classes:

Acceptable Waste Classes:

  • 111-114
  • 121-123
  • 131-135
  • 141-150
  • 211-213
  • 221

  • 222
  • 231-233
  • 241
  • 251-254
  • 261-270
  • 331