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Waste Removal Regulations Ontario. Regulation 347

Following waste removal regulations is an integral part of the waste removal process. In Ontario, regulation 347 contains a breadth of information about the laws and bylaws pertaining to both business and residential waste management. In this article, we'll provide you with links and information pertaining to this regulation to ensure that you're following these laws properly as these regulations are already in effect. If you're looking for a waste management company in Ontario that provides waste management services such as front end service and hazardous waste removal, then we'd love to get in contact with you here at Panda Environmental. Click here to check out more about us!

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Regulation 347 (Current as of Feb.21, 2017)

This regulation is a part of the EPA (Environmental Protection Act), which is a provincial legislation in Ontario. The purpose of this regulation is to focus on waste management and inform the residents of Ontario how they can dispose of their waste in a way which is focused on public health and safety. It covers information about:  

  • The waste generator (the person or company that has produced the waste)
  • The waste carrier (the company or person who transports the waste)
  • The waste receiver (the company or person who takes the waste)

Click on any of these links below to find out more about the specific laws and bylaws. Keep in mind that this regulation, like most, can be complex and difficult to read. If you're unsure of any information found here you can always consult an environmental firm.

Section 2 - 3: Designation and Exemption of Waste

This section includes information on what is defined as a waste product and also which waste products may be exempt.

Section 4 - 10: Waste Disposal Sites and Waste Management Systems

This section discusses various regulations about disposal sites and waste management systems.

Section 11 - 16.1: Standards For Waste Disposal Sites

This section discusses several of the standards expected for waste disposal sites in Ontario.

Section 17: Management of Asbestos Waste

Section 17.1 - 17.2: Waste Generation Facilities

This section refers to rules and regulations for facilities which generate waste.

Section 18: Generator Registration

This section refers to the registration of any generator who operates a waste generation facility that is involved in the production, collection, handling or storage of subject waste.

Section 19: Manifests - Generator Requirements

Section 20 - 22: Manifests - Carrier Requirements

Section 23: Manifests - Transport Within Ontario

Section 24: Manifests - Transport Out of Ontario

Section 25: Manifests - Transport Into Ontario

Section 26: Manifests - Transport Through Ontario

Section 26.1: Fees

Section 27: Refusals

Section 28: On-Site Thermal Treatment Equipment

Section 28.1 - 28.2: Wood Waste Combuster Sites

Section 28.3 - 23.6: Waste-Derived Fuel Sites

Section 29: Existing Hospital Incinerators

Section 29.1 - 29.5: Field Operations

Section 30 - 35: Stationary Refrigerant Waste

Section 36 - 42: Mobile Refrigerant Waste

Section 42.1 - 42.17 - 60: Selected Waste Depots

Section 61 - 73: Pesticide Container Depots

Section 74 - 85: Land Disposal of Hazardous Waste

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