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Waste Generation Quarterly Reports

Panda Environmental can provide quarterly reports that evaluate all levels of waste generation at a given facility. This service is offered as part of Panda's waste consulting services that are designed to offer businesses increased information and data on the waste that they create. That information can then be used to reduce total waste removal costs and become more efficient and environmentally friendly. 

What Does the Quarterly Report Involve?

Panda's quarterly waste report is meant to cover all areas of a business's waste/recycling removal and environmental management system. The report looks at the following elements:

  • Total waste/recycling volume
  • Types of waste/recycling that was generated
  • Current costs of removal of all waste/recycling streams

Many of the clients that Panda works with are undergoing the ISO 14001 (environmental management) certification or other environmental/waste related certifications.

How is The Information From the Report Used?

How a company wants to apply the information learned from the quarterly report is entirely up to them. Panda will make suggestions and conclusions based off of the data from the report. The company can incorporate them to increase the efficiency of their waste removal system, better adhere to certain certifications and lower their waste removal costs. This data has often proven an invaluable tool for companies that are looking to improve their current waste system. 

Does My Company Have to be a Customer of Panda?

Completing the Quarterly waste report is a much simpler process with companies that are clients of Panda Environmental, but a company does not have to be a client in order to receive a quarterly reports. Arrangements can be made to complete this for all waste streams on premises, should Panda not be your chosen waste removal company.