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Reduce Waste Costs by Using Single Stream Recycling

Reducing the costs associated with the removal and disposal of waste is a priority for businesses and consumers alike. Waste costs can add up to a large amount every month due to the regulations and fees put in place by local governments. On the other hand, recycling is often done for free or at a much reduced cost when compared to traditional waste removal.

As such, recycling is advantageous not only for the environment but also for the bottom line of many Canadians. The most convenient form of recycling, is called single stream recycling.

Why Does This Save Money? 

Recycling goods is typically cheaper then simply sending waste to a landfill. Single stream recycling has the added benefit of being simple and thoughtless, so often more goods are recycled when compared to more complex recycling methods. There is no need to have to think about putting a recyclable item in the 'proper' bin. This convenience allows for much higher levels of recycling to be observed. 

The savings are seen in collections, as only a single truck has to be sent to pickup all recyclables, instead of making several  trips to pick up the different types of recyclables individually. 

Is This Recycling Method Just as Good for the Environment?

Yes, single stream recycling ends up recycling just as much as traditional multi-category recycling does. The sorting and thought is all done by Panda Environmental, so the client does not need to be burdened with knowing recycling rules and regulations. 

Where is This Service Available?

Panda Environmental operates and services across many areas of Southern-Central Ontario.