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Food Waste Management

Waste vs Composting

Waste can be disposed of in two major ways. The first way is via standard waste removal. Food and other organics are placed in the trash along with every other piece of waste. This waste is all taken to the landfill where its story ends. The second way is via recycling/composting. The majority of waste the we create every day (as high as 90%) can be recycled or composted in a way the does not harm or even helps the environment. Food waste falls into this category as it can be totally composted without any ill long term ill-effects.

Customers for Food and Organic Waste Recycling

The following is a list of common customers who are excellent sources to utilize Panda's food waste management services:

  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Cafeterias (High school, University)
  • Food Courts
  • Food Processing Plant

Other businesses that have a large amount of standard waste can combine waste removal services with recycling and composting services in order to decrease their environmental footprint and possibly even reduce waste removal costs. Panda operates on a scheduled waste removal model, meaning that waste is removed at regular intervals, instead of a one-time deal.

Cost Advantage of Composting/Recycling

The primary cost of waste removal is the cost associated with dumping waste at the landfill. The waste is charged by weight, and as such the more you send, the more it will cost. There is no distinction between true garbage and food waste that can break down organically. A waste recycling and composting plan with Panda Environmental diverts waste from the landfill, and as such potentially lowers your waste removal costs. Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about your business' needs and how Panda can help.