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Why Don't People Recycle?


Despite all of the evidence pointing towards the importance of recycling, many people still don't participate. Is it because it takes up time? Maybe they don't know what they're supposed to do with their recyclables? Or perhaps some people still don't see the importance of recycling?  In this article, we're going to walk through some of the most common challenges of recycling and how you can overcome these problems and learn to become an avid recycler. If you're a member of a business looking to create a recycling program, check out our recycling services page today by clicking here.


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"It's Inconvenient"

How often do you hear this as the reason people don't recycle? I know that I hear it far more often than anything else.  But is recycling really that inconvenient anymore? Most municipalities offer recycling pickup curbside, just like they do for your garbage. In fact, many larger municipalities even provide their residents with a separate bin to place their recyclables in. The only thing that could be considered an inconvenience is separating your recyclables from your trash, but that is an incredibly simple task if you sort as you go. Check out some of these great recycling organizational tips from Curbly to make recycling quick and easy.


"It doesn't make a difference"


This is a myth that we hear quite often. Believe it or not, there are still plenty of recycling deniers out there, however, there is plenty of evidence that points to the importance of participating in recycling. As Popular Mechanics stated in their article, "Is Recycling Worth It? PM Investigates It's Economic and Environmental Impact" in regards to recycling doubters:


"Yet doubts remained. Some critics wondered if, far from being an environmental panacea, recycling is actually a giant placebo that makes us feel virtuous but wastes both money and resources. Take the much- maligned plastic water bottle. It's almost always made from petroleum, a resource that certainly seems worth conserving, and if you chuck it in the trash, the container will live on in a landfill for centuries. But how much diesel fuel does the truck that collects these bottles burn? How much energy does the recycling plant consume; what fumes does it emit into the atmosphere? And what does it all cost, anyway?"

(source: Popular Mechanics)


While there were more doubts during the early 90's as to the effectiveness of recycling (both economically and environmentally) it is becoming increasingly clear that its benefits cannot be understated. Environmentally, recycling helps to not only reduce the amount of raw materials needed to produce new products but it also helps to keep products out of our ever growing landfills. Economically, while it does cost money to collect and recycle materials it's much more cost-effective than harvesting raw materials, particularly with the rising costs of these materials. 


"It's not cost-effective for me"


In some municipalities you can be fined for not recycling, so it's certainly cost-effective to recycle in those areas. However, in some places, there are no fines for failing to recycle, but they do often pay for certain recyclable materials such as bottles. For example, in some areas, a bottle deposit must be paid for every bottled product that purchased but this money will be returned when the bottles are brought back for recycling. Despite these incentives, many still choose not to recycle. If this has always been your reason for not recycling, it's important to keep in mind that recycling isn't about making money. It's about doing your part for both the economy and most importantly, the environment!


So Why Should I Recycle?

If you often come up with excuses not to recycle in your home, here are a few reasons to get started!


1. Recycling helps to save resources such as water, oil, and electricity

2. Recycling reduces the amount of waste that enters a landfill

3. Recycling has helped to create millions of jobs worldwide

4. Recycling helps to reduce the amount of raw materials needed to make new products

5. Recycling products such as plastic and glass keep them from entering the environment and being potential hazards to wildlife


Hopefully, some of the information on this page has helped you to understand the importance of recycling. If you have any questions on starting a recycling program in your business, feel free to get in contact with us today!


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