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What should you look for in a waste removal service provider? We can help! Panda Environmental has been providing personalized, high-quality, value-added service to our residential and commercial clients in Ontario since 1997 - contact us today for a quote!


What to Look for in Your Waste Removal Service


1. You Need Reliability


A good waste removal service will meet with you to discuss your waste management needs, and come up with a pickup schedule based on the information gathered. Once that is set, you need to know that your waste will be picked up on the agreed-upon day and time. 


The time between pickups can vary, depending on your businesses waste needs, and the nature of the waste. Different types of waste (regular, recycling or hazardous) can be picked up at different times if that is what is best for your business.


Panda Environmental has access to our own waste processing facility, which allows us to process all waste on-site without having to deal with other waste corporations. 


This helps to increase our reliability and accountability to you, our valued customer.



Reliability is key when it comes to waste removal service.



2. You Deserve Excellent Customer Service


When assessing a waste removal service, make sure they have successfully operated for many years with a solid reputation for customer service. The quickest way to get a general idea is to take a look at what current or former customers are saying online. This should give you a sense for how they treat their customers. Unprofessional work of any sort will likely be reflected in the reviews. 


Website testimonials, Google reviews, Yelp, and Facebook are all great places to start. There, you can begin to gather information on your potential waste disposal service provider. Beware of potential spam contributors, though. If there are 1 or 2-star reviews with no further feedback, they may not be reliable. Look for reviews that are as descriptive as possible.


The best waste removal service companies will offer exceptional support to all their clients. They will make themselves available to answer all your questions, and treat you as they would want to be treated.




3. You Need Cost-Effective Solutions


Waste removal can be a costly endeavour. As a local business owner responsible for choosing between the best available waste removal service providers, you're likely working within a budget. 


In our experience, over 50% of waste can be diverted from a landfill into recycling and organic disposal solutions, greatly reducing your removal costs. 


By going through the process of our waste audits, you can get an accurate assessment of the different types and amounts of waste created by your business in several different categories (standard waste, recycling, organic waste, etc.)


This information is then analyzed, and we will then provide you with suggestions for how to improve your waste handling methods, as well as ways to reduce waste removal costs.



A waste removal service doesn't have to break the bank.



4. The Best Waste Removal Service Providers Will Have The Right Answers For You


Separate municipalities can have specific laws related to waste and recycling. These regulations can include bans on what can go to the landfill, recycling regulations, waste management fees, and more. 


There are several key laws in Ontario related to waste and recycling. Click here for a full overview.


These laws include:


1. Environmental Protection Act (EPA)

a. O. Reg. 101/07

b. O. Reg. 102/94
c. O. Reg. 103/94
d. O. Reg. 104
e. R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 347

2. The Waste Diversion Act
3. The Environmental Assessment Act
4. The Planning Act


Federal law also covers issues that waste removal service companies must know:


1. Canadian Environmental Protection Act
2. Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act
3. Canadian Environmental Assessment Act


Your waste removal service will need to be aware of all of the above, and have the proper licenses and permits in order to pick up your waste.






Looking for a waste removal service? Trust Panda!


Panda Environmental has made it a goal to be a leader in responsible waste management and recycling solutions across Ontario since 1997. Partner with Panda to save money and help make a positive environmental impact. 


What our customers are saying:


"Panda Environmental has been a trusted supplier for our company for several years. On time pick up, professional courteous drivers, and consistent billing are just some of the value added services Panda provides. I would recommend them as your waste disposal vendor." - Trevor Sloan


We are able to service all of your waste and recycling handling needs, including hazardous waste. For a full list of our services, click here.