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What Are Some Misnomers and Misconceptions About Recycling?

Did you know that nearly 70% of Canadian waste is sent to the landfill? Much of this waste could be recycled or composted. Recycling has popular opinion behind it, it is also subject to some rumours and misconceptions about its overall usefulness. Panda Environmental encourages recycling initiatives, and seeks to put some of the misconceptions to rest with this article. Click here to contact us today.


The following are some common misconceptions regarding recycling:


1. One Person Cannot Make a Difference

One person can certainly help when it comes to recycling. For example, recycling only one aluminum can saves enough energy to power a television for 3 hours.


One person can also make a sizeable negative impact if they spread the idea that one person cannot make a difference. Recycling will only truly become effective if it is done on a personal level by everyone.


2. Cities Recycling to Make Money

Many cities have implemented recycling solutions and services before it was actually cost effective to do so. As such they don't make a lot of money off of recycling (although there is money to be made).


3. Landfills Are Not Harmful

Landfills may not be as bad as other trash disposal methods, but they certainly are not harmless. Landfills can pollute ground water and soil - making life on that land toxic for people, animals and plants. Shipping trash to landfills also requires a large amount of heavy transportation, which adds to the pollution costs as well. In 2004, Canadians produced 13.4 million tonnes of waste. 73% of that waste (9.8 million tonnes) was sent to landfills, while only 3.6 million tonnes was recycled. 


Today, Canadians are sending less trash to landfills - about 65% compared to 73% in 2004 - but well over 50% of waste could be recycled or composted, so their is room for a lot of improvement. 


4. Recycling Doesn't Help

The effectiveness of recycling varies depending on material, but for some materials such as aluminum or glass, recycling is extremely cost effective. Recycling aluminum saves 95% of the energy needed to make that aluminum, and glass can be recycled with up to near 100% efficiency.


5. Recycling is a New Initiative

There is a common belief held by many that recycling is a new initiative, and as such it has not had time to really develop into an effective process. The reality is that recycling has been around for millennium, with evidence for recycling stretching back as far as 400 BC.


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