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Waste Removal Services for Businesses and Corporations

Scheduled Waste Removal

Panda operates on a scheduled waste removal model. Waste is picked up at intervals that work best with the client's needs and budget. Pickups can be as often as daily, or as infrequent as monthly. This scheduled system provides peace of mind, since the client knows exactly when waste will be picked up, and does not have to worry about making phone calls, or scheduling pickups. Fresh bins are provided with each waste pickup. These bins can vary in size depending on the needs of the client. To learn more, visit our waste removal page. 

Value Added Services

Panda’s team has decades of experience with waste and recycling removal. Our team of experts is able to provide extensive knowledge for your business in many areas, including:

  • Waste Audit and Consultation: Our waste management specialists will analyze your company's waste profile and needs, and point out areas where the process can be changed or altered. This change in process will save you money as more waste can be diverted from land fills, allowing more money to stay in your pocket.
  • Extensive knowledge of provincial, federal, municipal laws: The laws and regulations surrounding waste removal and recycling in Ontario can be complicated and overwhelming. Our staff is familiar with all levels of the law, and know exactly which areas your specific business is required to adhere. Avoid fines or failed inspections by utilizing the knowledge of Panda Environmental. To learn more about laws surrounding waste management, click here.
  • Designated Hazardous Waste Processing Facility: Panda Environmental is equipped with its own treatment facility for hazardous waste. This allows for our customers to experience cost savings, as we do not have to outsource the hazardous waste management elsewhere. 

Recycling and Hazardous Waste Services

Panda Environmental holds the well being of the environment in high regard. As such, we offer some of the most comprehensive recycling solutions in the waste removal business. These solutions are designed to not only be more environmentally friendly, but also to save your business money.

Our hazardous waste removal services are the best in Southern Ontario. Our facility allows for safe and effective disposal of all types of hazardous waste.