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Waste Removal Kitchener Ontario

Kitchener, Ontario is one of the largest urban regions in Ontario outside of the GTA and continues to grow every year. Kitchener is home to internationally recognized businesses in the financial, insurance, manufacturing, health science and digital media markets. All of these businesses are required by provincial law to take care of their own waste removal needs. Panda partners with businesses in order to provide waste removal, recycling, composting, waste consulting and other waste related services. Click here to contact Panda today.


Panda's Waste Services

Panda provides the following waste related services:

  • General waste removal: this for general waste that will be taken to the landfill and discarded of in the standard manner. It is not recommended that recyclable materials are including in general waste.
  • General recycling: recycling waste means that less is sent to the landfill. Recycling can reduce waste removal costs by selling recyclable materials to recycling agencies, or by reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill (which in turn reduces cost).
  • Organic waste composting/recycling: it is estimated that nearly 50% of all waste created falls under the organic waste category. Organic waste can include food scraps, paper, wood chips, or anything else that will break down organically over time. 
  • Hazardous waste disposal: hazardous waste requires specialized waste removal and must not be combined with general waste (it is illegal to do so). Panda is able to provide full hazardous waste removal solutions and consulting. 
  • Waste consulting: Panda's waste consulting services are designed to education and inform the client of ways that their waste removal system could be improved and give accurate breakdowns of the exact makeup of their waste (general waste vs recycling vs organic vs hazardous). 

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Advantage of Working with Panda

Panda environmental has numerous advantages compared with partnering with one of the large-scale corporate waste removal providers. Panda offers flexible schedules, services and rates that are designed to maximize the efficiency of a business's waste removal services. Panda does not require complex multi-year contracts in order to provide services. This means we are willing and able to prove to you every week that we are the right choice.


Panda has been in operation since 1997, and since then has expanded to provide service across nearly all of Southern Ontario. Our team of staff are experts in all things waste removal and waste management. Click here to contact us today.


Rules and Regulations of Waste Removal in Ontario

Every business is required by law to take care of their own waste removal solution in Ontario, as well as adhere to a number of different waste removal laws that govern what can go to the landfill and what cannot. The following links discuss the laws on a municipal, provincial and federal level:

Panda is able to fully assist in providing specific waste removal knowledge for your region. If you are unsure of the waste by-laws, rules and regulations that affect your business contact us today.


Additional Reading

The fields of waste removal, waste treatment, recycling, and composting are undergoing changes and technological innovations. The following articles may be of some interest to individuals wishing to learn more about waste removal:

What Our Customers Say

The following is what one of our customer's has to say about our services:


"We switched over to Panda Environmental Services after several years with another waste management service and are extremely pleased with our decision. The service has proven reliable in delivery of service, the drivers are careful and courteous, the sales and customer personnel keep in touch to ensure we are satisfied in every way! I highly recommend Panda Environmental Services to any business!"

- John, read more testimonials


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