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Waste Recycling Services - Is Recycling Pointless

There are a lot of myths and rumours surrounding the validity and effectiveness of recycling. Is it worth while? Does it provide benefits? Do recycling and garbage end up at the same place? This page will look to answer those questions, and talk about the effectiveness and usefulness of recycling materials. 

Is Recycling Worthwhile?

Recycling is certainly a worthwhile venture, if only from it's reduced economic impact. Sending waste to a landfill costs money. Recycling diverts waste from going to landfills, and as such saves disposal costs. From a purely monetary perspective, recycling is worthwhile.

What Benefits Does It Provide?

Recycling provides many environmental, economic and communal benefits. Environmental benefits include less waste being sent to landfills, and as such less greenhouse gases being created from that waste. This translates into less pollution, which allows for cleaner skies and better conditions for all. Economic benefits include cost reductions from not having to pay to send waste to landfills, and also the potential revenue stream of selling recycled materials to certain manufacturers.

Where does Recycling End Up?

The myth that recycling is sent to landfills is simply not true. Aluminum products (such as cans and other metals), can be re-used in such a way as to save 95% of the energy costs of creating the same amount of aluminum from ore. Glass can be recycled nearly an inifinite amount of times without losing its properties. Paper products can be recycled to make synthetic wood products, or turned to organic waste which can decompose normally.

The only time 'recycling' would be sent to the landfill is if it was hopelessly mixed with regular garbage.