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Waste Disposal Services Cost Analysis of Waste vs Waste + Recycling Program

Waste disposal can take many forms. The most basic approach is to designate all waste to the landfill, but this is the least environmentally friendly choice, and the most costly. Other options also exist that divert waste into recycling and composting programs. Panda Environmental evaluates all options when it comes to the waste removal needs of your business. We look to provide the optimal waste removal system that will reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide peace of mind for businesses. Click here to contact Panda today.


Cost of Sending Waste to Landfill

To following is a breakdown of the costs of simply sending all waste to the landfill.



Cost per Tonne

General waste/garbage


Pallets and drywall


Surcharge loads (stumps, wire,
styrofoam, asbestos, etc.)


Segregated Loads:

  • All blue box material
  • Organic waste (leaves, brush, etc.)
  • Inerts (clean fill, bricks, concrete, etc.)
  • Appliances and scrap metal


Tires (20" max, no rims)


Electronic waste


These costs based on Region of Waterloo commercial waste services.


As shown by the chart, waste costs can add up quickly. If a business creates 52 tonnes of waste per year (1 tonne per week), it will cost a business owner $3848+tax per year for general waste removal, just for the privilege of dumping at the landfill. Costs associated with bin rentals and the transportation of waste to the landfill are not even included.


The Lower Cost of Recycling

Waste like organics, fill, scrap metal, and many other items are  considered to be recyclable materials that should not be discarded along side normal waste. As shown by the chart above, these materials cost half as much to dispose of at the landfill compared to general waste. This is because many of these recyclable materials (such as glass and metals), can be recycled for a profit by selling the material to a recycling company. See the below links for more information:

Reduce Waste Costs with Waste + Recycling Program

Using a hybrid of waste removal and waste recycling program is the optimal way for a business to balance their waste removal needs and budget. All recyclable materials will have at minimum a lower disposal cost, and at best the ability to be sold for profit to offset other waste costs.


Panda Environmental provides waste removal, recycling, organic waste removal, hazardous waste removal and waste consulting services to businesses across Southern Ontario. Click here to contact us today.


"We switched over to Panda Environmental Services after several years with another waste management service and are extremely pleased with our decision. The service has proven reliable in delivery of service, the drivers are careful and courteous, the sales and customer personnel keep in tough to ensure we are satisfied in every way! I highly recommend Panda Environmental Services to any business!"

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