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Top 10 Interesting Recycling Facts


Though most people find the thought of recycling boring and maybe a little dull despite the fact that it’s great for the environment, there are many things about recycling that are exciting or just fun to know. Here are 10 interesting facts that maybe you didn’t know about recycling.


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1) Recycling Newspapers Could Save 250,000,000 Trees Each Year

Ever wonder why paper recycling is so important? Well there are many benefits in recycling paper, mostly because it conserves natural resources (trees), saves energy, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Unlike other types of recycling, paper recycling has limits. Since every time paper is recycled the paper fibers become shorter and weaker, paper can only be recycled up to seven types before it has to be discarded.


2) Aluminum Cans Will Last 500 Years

An aluminum can that is thrown away will still be there 500 years from now! The best part about aluminum recycling is that it can keep being recycled since it doesn’t lose any quality from being melted and reformed. Why would you discard aluminum when it can never stop being recycled? Recycling aluminum not only saves energy but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The aluminum cans you recycle today can be made into a new can, filled and back on the shelf in six weeks.


3) Plastic Bage and Plastic Garbage Kill Around 1 Million Sea Creatures Every Year

It’s not only important to reduce the loss of our natural resources, but also our precious wildlife. Recycling plastic can also save on landfill space and conserve energy used to make new plastic. If you’re interested in reducing plastic waste you can try shopping for products with little plastic packaging or try using reusable shopping bags in place of plastic shopping bags.


4) Glass Bottles Can Take 4000+ Years To Decompose

This is just one reasons among many while recycling glass is so important. Instead of letting glass fill up landfills that can take centuries to decompose, we can keep recycling it since it can be continuously recycled without quality loss, just like aluminum. Recycling glass not only eliminates glass objects in landfills that threaten the environment but also reduces air and water pollution.


5) Around 1/3 Of An Average Dump Is Made Of Packaging Material

It’s not something everyone thinks about when they go shopping, but a huge portion of what ends up in our landfills is simple packaging. The best way to reduce the amount of packaging that ends up in landfills is to buy products that don’t have extravagant packaging, or even better, none at all.


6) We Generate 21.5 Million Tons Of Food Waste Each Year

If we composted all of that food, it would reduce the same amount of greenhouse gas as taking 2 million cars off the road. If you’re interested in starting your own compost, you’ll need a few things. Start with a 

container and a sunny location that will expose your compost to as much heat as possible. You’ll also need a good ingredient mix of brown and green plant matter. It is also important to keep everything 

nice and moist. Layer and mix different materials for the best results and turn the pile regularly, once every 1-2 weeks. Happy composting! Click here for more information 

on composting.


7) Since 1950, Canadians Have Consumed As Much As All The Generations Before Us Combined

That says a lot about the consumerism in Canada, not to mention the rest of the world. It’s not bad that we create and produce so many products, but it matters what we do with those products when we want to dispose of them. With great consumerism comes great responsibility!


8) Cardboard Boxes Can Contain Up To 100% Of Recycled Fibers

This is why the cardboard box is one of the most widely recycled items. One of the easiest ways to recycle cardboard is to keep reusing the cardboard boxes in your home, for storage purposes or transporting things. If you’re not looking to hold onto your cardboard then you can drop it off at your local recycling centre.


9) All New York Residents Had To Start Paying A Fine For Not Recycling Old Electronics

In 2015, all New York residents had to start paying a $100 fine if they did not recycle their old electronics. Have any electronics sitting around at home? You might be able to recycle them instead of sending them to a landfill. Some common electronics that can be recycled are laptops, desktop computers, printers and cell phones. Check you local recycling centre and see if they can recycle your electronics and what kinds they accept. You’ll be doing mother nature a huge favour!


10) 5 To 15% Of What We Throw Away Contains Hazardous Substance

Hazardous substances usually exhibit characteristics of toxicity, corrosivity, or flammability. They can come from many different sources such as industrial operations, manufacturing processing plants/hospitals, or materials from waste lubricants and pesticides. These substances cause a threat to human and environmental health. Click here to learn about proper hazardous waste disposal


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