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The Truth About Recycling - An Economical Perspective

Waste recycling is undoubtebly an important process in becoming better stewards of our environment, but what about the economic implications? We will look at the conclusions laid out by The Economist publication, in their article "The Truth About Recycling" in order to try and gain better insights into what it means to recycle. 

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Recycling Can Save a Business Money

Wal-Mart, one of the largest retailers in the world, discovered that recycling can not only reduce their costs, but even make money. They did this through a sustainable packaging venture that not only helped with the environment, but also made recycling easier then ever, and allowed them to sell their waste for market prices. Their process involved using two pieces of cardboard to make a 'waste sandwich' which could then be transported easily, and allowed them to avoid disposal costs by selling their waste to waste consumer businesses.


Recycling is Becoming a Higher Priority 

Recycling is growing in priority across the developed world. With regions such as Canada, the United States and Europe all mandating stricter recycling targets to meet in the years to come. Waste production has become an epidemic as the amount of waste created anually has gone up drastically in recent years. The current waste creation model is unsustainable, and as such, recycling must take a large part of its place. Landfills are simply filling up at too rapid a rate.


It is Important Not Just to Recycle, but Recycle Better

The recycling of basic goods and materials is important, but it is even more important to improve recycling methods and motives so as to achieve even greater cost savings. In the Wal-Mart example mentioned previously, they created their own waste disposal system, which allowed them to reduce their waste costs so much that they could actually start to sell their waste. Recycling smarter and better should be the focus of all business, as not only good environmental stewardship is gained, but so are valuable economic and sustainability benefits. 


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