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The Eight Steps To Reduce Waste - Step 3

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Welcome to week 3 of our 8 week series on how to help you reduce waste in your business. Over the last couple of weeks, we've looked over how to conduct a waste assessment and creating a waste reduction action plan. This week we'll be looking through step 3 of our 8 step process which is how to learn to reduce waste product in your workplace. Reducing  your waste is often considered the most important aspect of any waste management system. We'll be discussing what it means to reduce waste in the workplace, and some of the more effective ways to reduce waste in the workplace. Panda Environmental has a number of services that may be able to help you  implement a waste reduction plan. Click here now to find out more.

What does it mean to reduce?

Reducing (not just at work but also at home) is by far one of the most efficient ways of conserving resources, protecting the environment and reduce costs. It's incredibly important because reducing your own intake and waste can have a domino effect on other suppliers as well, it can help reduce the amount of waste that gets sent to landfills. Reducing is also a lot easier than you may think. Most people assume reducing simply involves the end process, but it can start at the very purchase of materials that you use in your workplace. Some of the key benefits of reducing include the following:

  • Reducing waste disposal fees
  • Savings in material and supply costs
  • Improved regulation compliance
  • Enhancing your corporate image
  • Involving your employees and boosting employee moral
  • Enhancing customer relation
  • Reducing emissions

Some effective ways to reduce in the workplace

Reducing waste in the workplace can be as simple or as detailed as you want it to be, but doing anything at all can make a big difference. Throughout all processes of industry, from manufacturing to sales there are ways to reduce your waste drastically.  These changes are simple and easy but the results of them can be seen almost immediately. Here are a few tips to help you learn how to reduce waste in your workplace.

1. Try using reusable items: in your workplace: Depending on the industry you're in there are a few different ways you can find reusable items to replace the current disposable ones you use. It may be something such as replacing the plastic bags you use with reusable ones or replacing disposable food ware such containers and plastic forks with ones you can wash and reuse.

2. When Possible Purchase recyclable items: There are plenty of recyclable alternatives to products that are used in the workplace today.

3. Implement an Organic Recycling Program: Most companies have a break room where their employees can have their lunch, many companies also don't have a Organic Recycling option for food scraps. Incorporating a Organic Recycling program in your workplace is a great way to help the environment as well as reduce the amount of waste you are sending to landfill.

4. Purchase/produce products in bulk: Buying or producing products in bulk is not only good for the consumer and producer financially, but the reduction in packaging is great for the environment. Though it may not seem like much initially, individually wrapped products use a lot more packaging than bulk products.

5. Reduce the amount of paper you receive: Many companies are making the transition over to paperless records which is doing a lot for reducing waste. If it's an option, have your suppliers send your invoices electronically rather than on a paper record. Even small details such as sending your employees their pay stubs electronically can save a lot of paper.

Be sure to check back next week for step 4 of our 8 step plan to reduce waste in your workplace!

The 8 Steps To Reduce Waste:

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2. Step 2 - Creating A Waste Reduction Plan

3. Step 3 - Reducing In The Workplace

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5. Step 5 - Recycling In The Workplace

6. Step 6 - Sustainable Purchasing

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