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Industrial Hazardous Waste: Provincial Laws & Effective Treatment

Industrial hazardous waste has become a talking point for the general public in regards to environmental responsibility and ethics. Industries must become more conscious than ever regarding matters of environmental quality and effective treatment of hazardous waste. This article will focus on providing businesses with a complete set of information regarding their waste responsibility, relevant provincial laws and a Panda waste solution. Click here to contact Panda Today, or read on to learn more.


List of Hazardous Waste Items

The following is a list of the common hazardous waste items in Ontario. Panda Environmental is able to deal with the majority of hazardous waste, but certain waste will require additional services. Hazardous waste can be classified as:

A - Acute Hazardous Waste Chemical
B - Hazardous Waste Chemical
C - Corrosive Waste

D - PCB's*
H - Hazardous Industrial Waste
I - Ignitible Waste
T - Leachate Toxic Waste

L - Liquid Industrial Waste
P - Pathological Waste*
R - Reactive Waste*

S - Severely Toxic Waste*
Radioactive Waste*
Explosive Waste*



Virtually all hazardous waste falls into at least one of the above categories. For additional questions contact Panda today.


Liability, Environmental & Health/Safety Concerns

Businesses that do not meet provincial/federal regulations (see below for more information) are held fully liable for any negative environmental, health or safety effects from the improper disposal or mistreatment of their waste. Improper disposal of standard, liquid or hazardous waste can have disastrous legal and environmental effects that can leave a business reeling from financial responsibility.


Panda is able to work alongside businesses to provide waste removal services and consulting that is guaranteed to meet all regulations and standards, as well as take advantage of any cost saving and/or environmental saving waste processing services.




Provincial Waste Removal Laws (Ontario)

Ontario Government page: Hazardous Waste Management: Business and Industry


There are a number of provincial waste removal laws that govern waste disposal and transport. Businesses are held responsible for finding a means of disposing their waste in a way that meets all regulations. View our Provincial Waste Removal Laws page for more information.


Federal Waste Removal Laws (Canada)

Environment Canada is the federal branch that deals with environmental concerns, including those related with waste and recycling. A few of the laws related to waste and recycling include:

1. Canadian Environmental Protection Act
2. Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act
3. Canadian Environmental Assessment Act


For more information, visit the Environment Canada site.


Panda Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility

Panda is one of the few waste providers in Ontario that has a dedicated hazardous waste treatment facility that is recognized to meet all regulatory and environmental standards. Our facility is able to provide processing and disposal for hazardous, non-hazardous and liquid industrial waste. Click here for more information.


Complete Waste Solution from Panda Environmental

Panda Environmental specializes in total waste removal solutions for our clients. Our services range from industrial hazardous waste disposal to waste composting and organic waste recycling. We also offer consulting services in order to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness of waste removal services. Contact us today for any questions regarding waste removalconsulting services or recycling for your business.


Panda Service Area Service Area: Cities Served

Below is a list of the major cities that Panda provides hazardous waste removal services to. Panda also provides services to small towns and other areas that are not listed below. 

  • Aurora
  • Barrie
  • Brantford
  • Burlington
  • Cambridge
  • Goderich
  • Kitchener
  • London
  • Owen Sound
  • Stratford
  • Toronto
  • Walkerton
  • Waterloo
  • Many more

See the map to the right for a detail list of our complete service area.


Contact Us

For more information call 1-800-745-4140  or contact us for a quote today. Panda provides scheduled waste removal services.


The Panda Alternative

Panda provides full waste removal solutions that keep the customer's interest as a top priority. Panda works with the customer to provide the best possible service and we are constantly listening to our customers and improving our service as a result. Many of Panda's customers are businesses who were disgusted with the unethical practices of the waste contracts that previous waste companies enforced on them. Panda will never lock a customer into a contract and will always give the customer freedom to give feedback and negotiate their waste removal services.


Panda Environmental provides waste removal, recycling, organic waste removal, hazardous waste removal and waste consulting services to businesses across Southern Ontario. Click here to contact us today.


"I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your ‘pickup’ guys.  They are amazing.  The boss actually watched the driver 2 weeks ago…he got out of the truck and straightened the garbage container, picked up a bag that had fallen out in the dumping process and put it in the can, then removed 2 black bags from the recyclables that had been put in there by error (I assume). Never before have we had/seen such amazing service!"
- Karen, Local Auto Business



* Panda not able to transport