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Industrial Garbage Collection Ontario


Panda Environmental Services Inc. stives to be a premier garbage collection company in Ontario. We've been providing personalized, high-quality services to our clients in Ontario since 1997. We are able to offer various waste removal services across Ontario. You can check out our entire service area map by clicking here. On this page, we're going to walk you through all of the garbage collection services we offer in Ontario, including our front end waste removal services, roll-off waste removal services, and hazardous waste removal services. Click here to get in contact with us today!


"It has been a pleasure dealing with you [Brent - sales manager] and your company over the years. Your customer service is second to none. We look forward to working together for many more years to come."


- Tomas, A Panda Environmental customer

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Front-End Waste Removal Services


Panda Environmental operates on a scheduled system where bins are picked up and exchanged for fresh ones at predetermined intervals . The frequency of these intervals varies depending on customer needs. Panda works with businesses to ensure that pickup frequency is scheduled for convenience and cost-efficiency. This scheduled system provides peace of mind since the client knows exactly when waste will be picked up and does not have to worry about making phone calls, or scheduling pickups. Fresh bins are provided with each waste pickup.


If your bin is filled before the scheduled pick up date, that's no problem! We're able to adjust our pick-up times if you have immediate waste removal needs. One thing you'll realize when you work with us is that customer service is always our number one priority.


Our front end bins can usually hold up to 8 cubic yards of waste. If you're in need of some larger bins we are able to accommodate that with our roll-off services, which offer disposal of up to 50 cubic yards of waste.


Roll-Off Waste Removal Services


Our roll-off waste removal services are a great option for anyone who deals with larger volumes of waste removal. Some of the top industries that we see using the roll-off waste removal services include construction/demolition, large commercial and industrial companies, and companies dealing with environmental remediation programs. We have our own 10, 14, 20, 30, 40, and 50 cubic yard containers which are sufficient for most industrial businesses. If you're an industrial company in southern Ontario, we'd love to come up with a garbage collection plan that works for you. Click here to request a free quote from us today!


Hazardous Waste Removal Services


At Panda Environmental we offer two different types of hazardous waste removal services, drum truck, and vacuum truck. Our drum truck services are great for clients who prefer an alternative to pumping out hazardous waste from totes and drums. Our list of drum truck services include:

  • Hazardous & Liquid Industrial Waste Removal
  • Drum Removal
  • Tote Removal
  • Lab-packing Services
  • Paint & Sludge Removal
  • Waste Glycol and Oil Removal
  • Electronic Waste Recycling
  • Fluorescent Tube & Industrial Lighting Recycling
  • Battery Pick-up for Recycling

Our other option for hazardous waste removal is using our vacuum truck services. Our vacuum trucks have a minimum 13,600 litre volume capacity and they have the ability to high dump. Our list of vacuum truck services include:

  • Hazardous & Liquid Industrial Waste Removal
  • Sludge Removal
  • Interceptor Clean Out
  • Stormceptor Clean Out
  • Pit Clean Out
  • Cutting Table Clean Out
  • Tank Bottom Clean Out
  • Corrosive Material Removal
  • Oily Water Removal
  • Hazardous Dry Bulk Removal
  • Industrial, Commercial, & Institutional Dry Bulk Removal

Panda Environmental


Panda Environmental has strived to be a leader in responsible waste management and recycling solutions across Ontario for over 15 years. We are able to service all of your businesses waste and recycling handling needs, including hazardous waste. For a full list of our service areas, you can click hereClick here for a list of all of the waste management and recycling solutions that we provide.

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