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Five Reasons to Reduce Waste Costs by Using Organic Waste Composting

1. Free Up Space in the Landfill

It is estimated that up to 50% of waste is organic in nature, depending on the industry. This waste can be composted in order to provide nutrients to plants, fields, and gardens. Sending less waste to the landfill also allows for landfills to be filled at a more responsible rate.

2. It is Clean and Simple

Composting and organic recycling are not dirty or smelly as is often thought. Composting and organic recycling are also extremely easy to setup and maintain. Panda Environmental is here to assist you with setting up your organic waste disposal system today.

3. Set an Example for Our Youth

Set an example for the next generation as they see recycling and composting become a large focus of today's businesses and corporations. The only way for true change to happen is for the upcoming generation to make recycling and composting a focus. 

4. Save money

The highest costs related to waste disposal come from the sheer weight of garbage sent to landfills. Reducing that amount by implementing an organic waste disposal system will have a direct impact on waste disposal costs. Less waste sent to the landfill means lower waste disposal costs, it's as simple as that. 

5. It is the Best Thing for the Environment 

Organic waste is meant to be able to decompose and go back to the earth in order to provide essential nutrients and fertilizer for future plants. Panda Environmental is able to fully assist in commercial composting and recycling solutions to help create a better, cleaner tomorrow by utilizing organic waste recycling and composting methods.