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8 Residential Waste Removal Tips


It is incredibly important that you follow your town or district's waste management removal laws and bylaws. In this article, we're going to provide you with 10 residential waste removal tips that should make removing your garbage easier and more effective. Keep in mind that these suggestions are very broad, so if you're looking for some more specific tips for your area, be sure to visit your local city or town website.


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Tip #1: Separate your recyclables as you go


Some people choose to put all of their recyclables in one place and then they separate them before they go to the curb (or your local recycling depot). We would suggest that in order to save time you should purchase a couple of different containers and separate them as you go. In particular, we'd suggest having 3 bins: one for paper, one for plastics, and one for metal. For some interesting recycling facts click here.


Tip #2: Make sure you don't throw hazardous items in the trash


There are hazardous household items that don't realize don't belong in the trash. Anything with non-environmentally friendly chemicals, flammable items, pesticides, and even batteries should not be thrown into the garbage. If you're unsure about whether or not something belongs in the garbage you should get in contact with your local region/municipality.


Tip #3: Don't cheap out on garbage bags


There's nothing more likely to ruin your day than one of your trash bags breaking open and emptying its content on your floor, or all over your feet. From our experience, it's more than worth it to look into purchasing a more durable garbage bag even if it may cost a dollar or two more.


Tip #4: Put your organic waste to use


Organic waste such as fruit peels, leftover vegetables, meat, coffee filters, and more can be used to create great compost! You can learn more about composting in these articles:


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Tip #5: Consider renting a dumpster or bin when doing large projects


One problem which many people encounter is they're not sure what to do when they have excess waste. For example, if you're doing some renovations on your home and you know you're going to have plenty of waste as a result of the project, you should rent a bin to dispose of this waste quickly and easily. If not, you may find yourself with a lot of waste laying around your home as you dispose of it piece by piece each week.


Tip #6: Contain any sharp or dangerous objects


Even when it comes to waste removal you'll want to ensure that safety is a #1 priority. Make sure that all sharp or dangerous items (such as needles) are properly contained within your trash bags. If you notice that a sharp object has broken through the bag you will have to find a way to contain this item and you'll also have to double bag your trash. Keeping this in mind could save both yourself and those who handle your garbage from having an unfortunate accident.


Tip #7: Keep your waste covered


Some cities require their citizens to cover their trash before it heads to the curb.  Uncovered trash can lead to a number of problems, including animals attempting to get into your garbage. In some areas people choose to purchase a wooden container to keep their garbage covered, but there are are also smaller plastic bins available.


Tip #8: Place odor-absorbers near your indoor trash container


The smell of garbage can be offputting. If you use a garbage container with a bottom, you can simply sprinkle some baking soda at the bottom of the container and this will help to absorb the smell. You can also sprinkle a little into the bottom of each garbage bag before you place it in the container. Another option is to place dryer sheets in there. Both of these options should help to absorb the awful stench of garbage.


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