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5 Ways to increase citizen Participation in local waste services


Becoming more environmentally conscious is important, especially in local communities. As the population increases, there is a growing need to keep public spaces clean and to decrease each individual’s ecological footprint. There are a variety of ways for the local community to be more sustainable and eliminate as much waste as possible in an environmentally beneficial way. However, one of the challenges may be to get citizens to contribute in becoming more environmentally conscious. Here five ways to increase citizen participation in local waste removal services.


Add recycling bins in public spaces.


Make sure to add a recycling option in all public spaces in the community. Adding a recycling bin next to a regular landfill waste bin at prime spots such as walkways, parks, bus stops and more will encourage citizens to dispose of their waste properly.


Focus on youth


The younger demographic in the community will be the ones who will be implementing any environmental changes in the future. By teaching them the importance of being environmentally friendly with proper techniques of waste disposal and the consequences that come with not doing so, these children will develop strong habits of proper waste disposal that will be environmentally beneficial for the future.



Create community events and/or drop-offs


Set up community events such as paper shredding, recycling events, and disposal of hazardous materials to promote community engagement and awareness. Another alternative idea is to do a scheduled ‘drop off’ where any materials (recyclables, hazardous waste etc.) can be picked up from citizen’s homes and dropped off at a certain site where they will be properly disposed of. Some locations to consider for ‘drop off’ could be fire stations, police stations or a waste processing and transfer facility (such as Panda Environmental).



Develop a software application


In this digital age, it should be recognized that a lot of information can be reached via technology (cell phones, computers, tablets etc.). With a lot of social interactions happening online, why not add an app that centers local waste services? An app like this can provide incentives for users, such as points gained whenever proper waste disposal is completed. This app can also answer any questions that a user might have about waste disposal (is this item recyclable or not? etc.). Using software technology, the initiative to go green can be made more visible through record tracking and points while also opening a line of communication between the citizens and the community.


Increase efficiency


One of the wasteful and expensive aspects of any recycling program is usually labor, fuel, and equipment being used. Find a way to decrease expenses by creating a more efficient collection route which can include collecting from retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses. By creating a more involved and inclusive collection route, expenses can be decreased, making it more efficient.


All five of these tips on community engagement have one thing in common – communication. By establishing effective and open communication channels, you will be able to take more steps forward in creating an environmentally conscious community.

Panda Environmental serves with the mission of saving time and money while maximizing environmental benefits. Check us out to see how we can help with getting your community to be more engaged in the initiative to go green.