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Panda Environmental seeks to place customer satisfaction as a top priority in every job and contract. As such we provide numerous services that are specifically designed to benefit the client in multiple ways - from financial savings to waste footprint reduction. Click here for a full list of the locations that Panda Environmental services.

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Designated Hazardous Waste Processing Facility

Panda has invested in its own facility to process hazardous waste and materials. This translates into cost savings for our clients. We are able to process hazardous waste quickly, efficiently, and for a lower rate than our competition.


Calculated and Efficient Waste Removal

Panda Environmental goes to great lengths to ensure that the optimal waste pickup formula is used for each client. Our customized pickup and dropoff schedules allow for cost savings on the client's end, as the most efficient amount of waste pickups are made.


Waste Audit and Consultation

Our experts will observe and track the waste creation and disposal of your business for a period of time, and then implement a Waste Audit, which will provide recommendations on how to streamline the collection process, reduce costs, and divert waste from landfills. 


Decades of Experience

Panda Environmental has successfully operated for over 15 years, providing waste management and recycling solutions to thousands. Our years of experience allow us to operate in ways that other businesses cannot.

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